MSR: Can Scientists Stop Nuclear Meltdowns?

Experts reckon molten salt reactor (MSR) technology will be deployed full-scale before 2030. The revolutionary system could be cheaper to use than coal, and, because the liquid can be drained into tanks and quickly cooled in emergencies, MSR holds the promise of a future free of Chernobyl-style meltdowns.

Gonzalo Frasca: Making Your Textbook a Video Game

If video games had the equivalent of a Jedi High Council, Gonzalo Frasca would be Yoda: the doer, the thinker and leader too.

How Macondo Train Corridor Reveals Latam Woes

The case over Colombia’s Caribbean train corridor ultimately unleashed a broader debate over Latin America’s decades-old and exhausted commodity-based economic development story. Should the benefit of most trump that of a few?

ISIS, Turkey Playing Off Europe Muslim Fears

Turkey and the Islamic State are exploiting the Syrian refugee flow into Europe to achieve their own ends, playing off the Continent’s fear of what a Muslim influx will do to political stability

Year of Colombia Lab...

Colombia’s ability to navigate expected labor strife in 2016 will be in display in coming days as cash-strapped Cerrejon, the country’s biggest miner, tries to avert a strike that could set the mood for the rest of the year.

Colombia coal output...

Colombian coal production will stall in 2016 from last year to remain below 90m tonnes and struggle to grow beyond that through 2018 as companies cut investment and labor trouble looms.

Chavismo’s sturdy legacy

The Right is staging a comeback in Latin America, with the most dramatic victory in Venezuela and Argentina. Yet, the Left’s legacy of social reforms that have slashed poverty appear safe for now.

“Flawed” Spanish green tender a setback for green ...

Spain’s recent tender for renewables capacity is technically “flawed” and will result in only about a quarter of awarded capacity being built because profits will be small at best. The European Wind Energy Association said it “was too small to satisfy demand and the country risks missing its 2020 target for renewables.”

How Spanish Nerds Are Sticking It To The Man

The new European breed of bitcoiner is a rebel with a cause, a believer that buying up bitcoins instead of euros basically sticks it to the Man, in this case banks and the government.

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