About me…

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About me…

I’m an author and analyst based in Madrid, with nearly two decades of experience spanning three continents and over a dozen countries. My research is focused on the blurry line where geopolitics meets energy, with emphasis on the Western Hemisphere and Mediterranean. My work has been published in some of the world’s leading publications and think tanks, including Real Instituto Elcano, Ozy, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones Newswires, TIME, and Foreign Policy.

I have numerous awards for my work and my first book America’s Blind Spot: Chávez, Oil, and US Security was published by Bloomsbury Publishing in September 2012. I has since been translated into Spanish and Mandarin.

After graduating from New College (in Sarasota) in 1998 with a Political Science major, paying my dues as an intern, and completing my Masters in Journalism in a joint program between Universidad de Barcelona and Columbia University, I returned to Colombia to work as war correspondent during some of the bloodiest years of the country’s civil war.

As security deteriorated in Colombia, I moved to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic to act as bureau chief -of sorts- for the Associated Press, which coincided with the country’s worst economic crisis in history, as well as several armed uprisings in neighboring Haiti.

That took me to Newburgh, New York (of all places) where I learned in a small regional newspaper how to really write a story, covering presidential elections, immigration, and even defining global stories in Haiti, France, Spain, and Mexico. I moved then to Paris where I wrote for the Wall Street Journal and then moved to Spain with the parent company Dow Jones to cover energy markets.

Since I landed on the adventurous -yet definitely rewarding- life as a freelance writer, I’ve dedicated years to researching and analyzing some of the most defining global trends, from the Arab Spring and the global economic crisis, to the rise of emerging economies. It has offered me the chance to understand from the ground the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, and the Western Hemisphere, especially Latin America.

Looking forward, I see more and more in the same direction. More geopolitical, economic, and energy research, analysis and writing on my core interests, as well as broadening my scope as I track our shifting globe.

Whether it’s for freelance contributions, lectures and speaking requests, or just to exchange ideas, don’t hesitate to reach out by email.