Spanish coal-fired o...

Spanish coal-fired generation will decrease between 23% and 32% in 2016 as the country’s generators will have to comply with European environmental legislation

Ibrahim Ahmed: Africa’s Next Breakout Film Star? Jan02

Ibrahim Ahmed: Africa’s Next Breakout Film S...

From his roots as a Tuareg nomad in the Sahara Desert and survivor of a bloody civil war Ahmed, aka “Pino,” was a musician who had never acted when he drew Oscar and Palme d’Or nominations and won a slew of international awards, including a best actor award at the Durban Film Festival.

Claudia López: Colombia’s Reckless Crusader

Colombia’s most strident, polarizing and fearless public figure, Claudia López is small, almost frail looking. But she has picked fights with a long list of heavyweight foes who have tried squashing her by all means possible — including death threats.

Mexico Can Learn From Pablo Escobar’s Escape

Pablo Escobar kicked his way to freedom that July night in 1992 — not unlike the recent escape of Mexican drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, who again reminded us that powerful drug lords should never be underestimated.

Spain must tackle sp...

Cost-cutting measures have helped tackle EUR 30bn debt in the sector – equivalent to 3% of the country’s GDP – but the new government will need to focus on cutting electricity prices, although how remains a matter of debate. An around EUR 18/MWh premium to German spot prices is simply unsustainable for the country’s economy and needs to be corrected by the election victors.

Colombia’s Bittersweet Peace Deal

After generations of warfare, Colombia finally has a negotiated model for peace, but the agreement is more a settlement between two battered parties than a moment of celebration. Still, it carries a promise of greater social equity and some accountability.

Colombian temporaril...

Colombia must deliver long-term stability, economic and regulatory, not short-term patches. Businesses and the population need it to survive the painful transition ahead.

Colombia lifts coal ...

Colombia’s president Juan Manuel Santos overruled courts and decreed an end to restrictions on night-time railings of coal, lifting the country’s biggest obstacle to meet its new 2015 production target of 90m tonnes.

Spain Secret Chemical Weapons Use and Cancer Sep02

Spain Secret Chemical Weapons Use and Cancer

Nobody knows how many died from Spain’s use of mustard gas in the 1920s Rif War, but Madrid, Paris, and Rabat are under mounting pressure to come clean over unexplained high incidence of cancer in the region