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“With a solid command of geopolitics and a clear understanding of petroleum economics, the authors present a valuable insight into the balance of power plays in Latin American politics, the role of the late Hugo Chávez, and a detailed analysis of US energy policy.”

Luis Boscán

PhD fellow at Copenhagen Business School’s Department of Economics in London School of Economics Book Review


“In this book Andrés Cala and Michael Economides present a brilliant, excellently well documented, and thorough description of the secular flaws in U.S. policies towards Latin America. Despite recent efforts this blind spot still exists, even though the situation is improving.”

Luis E. Giusti

Senior Advisor, Center for International and Strategic Studies, Washington, DC and former President of the Venezuelan National Oil Company


“The book is a tour-de-force in understanding energy geopolitics and especially a very lucid analysis of the Western Hemisphere’s socio-economic and political sensitivities.”

Chen Wei Dong

Senior Vice President of China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) and General Director of CNOOC Research Institute